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Alflorex PrecisionBiotics 30 Capsules

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Alflorex is the only product in Ireland that contains the unique culture 35624. This naturally occurring culture is part of the Bifidobacteria family of bacteria given by mother to baby at birth. It is a friendly bacteria that is naturally at home in the human gut and has evolved with us over generations.

A single Alflorex capsule contains around 1 billion live bacteria, or 1x109 colony forming units (CFUs), at the time of manufacture. The quantity of bacteria provided in each capsule has been chosen for optimal balance in the gut. 

The 35624 culture in Alflorex has been shown in 2 clinical trials and in scientific publications to remain active right through the digestive system and to reach the bowel with its properties intact. 

Alflorex has been carefully formulated to be stable at room temperature, and does not need to be refrigerated.

Directions for use

Take one capsule daily with or without food. 

Suitable for those on a low FODMAP diet.

Alflorex is Gluten Free, Dairy Free and Soya Free