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The Custom Mouldable Mouthguard from the Medicare Sport Range uses world leading technology to provide genuine protection, for teeth, jaw and brain. The custom mouldable design means that it fits and protects like a custom mouthguard. It is suitable for anybody over the age of 8 years, and for every sport.
The mouthguard moulds easily for a secure customised fit. It is also suitable for very crowded or misaligned teeth. It is pre-moulded to the correct arch form which makes it easy to fit.

• Protection for jaw, teeth and brain
• Custom fit
• Heavy Duty Rubber Shock Frame
• Air Cushion for Maximum Comfort
• Maximum protection
• Boil and Bite instructions included
• Suitable for all contact sports
• 100% Polyethylene
• Suitable for adults and children 12 years or older