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Arch Supports for relief from pain of Fallen Arches

• Maximum relief from foot strain and tired arching feet
• Ideal for flat, weak or fallen arches
• Cushions and protects
• Fit comfortably inside most shoe sizes
• 1 Pair per Pack

Do you suffer from pain in your knees, heels or lower back? Good support can help relieve it by balancing the pressure in your feet. Medicare Arch Support provides advanced cushioned support for flat feet, weak or fallen arches. Optimum relief from foot strain and tired aching feet can be achieved with these non-slip, discreet inserts.
Arch support insoles are special orthotic devices that are customised to control the way the foot functions and correct biomechanical imbalance.
Controlling the way the foot functions can be helpful in treating certain foot conditions and in relieving pain symptoms through correction of posture and supporting the underlying muscles and tendons. Biomechanical imbalances can also cause injuries in other parts of the body due to certain muscles overcompensating to achieve balance in the body.