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• Medicare 100% Pure Cotton Wool Roll
• Maximum softness with minimal fibre shedding
• Hospital quality cotton wool- BP Quality Standard
• Interleaved-easy to start rolls
• Good structural characteristics
• Pull string top for releasing after use
• Size: 250g

Medicare’s Cotton Wool rolls are easy to unroll and specially developed to be soft and fluffy. These convenient, interleaved-easy to start rolls allow you to gently cleanse and dry delicate skin without causing skin irritation. These rolls are made using 100% pure cotton, which is soft and gentle, yet strong and highly absorbent. Carefully combed cotton wool is layered together into an extremely soft and fluffy fleece, before being rolled into a conveniently sized pack. During use, the product is easy to unroll without sticking together and the required quantity can be gently torn off, without waste. The product pack has a drawstring for easy sealing and re-use. This is the perfect product for larger cleansing tasks or quickly mopping up fluids, when a little more cotton wool absorbency is needed. This is a hospital quality cotton wool, manufactured in adherence with BP Quality Standards, and is ideal for cosmetic and first-aid use.